best websit evar :-)

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dis is the official cooper2723 website I MADE IT DONT MAKE FUN OF MY WEBSITE

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about me ........

my name is cooper i liek to make vids and watch tv and play games on my vidoe game consoles or my computer

BTW ALL GIRLS ON MY SITE AND FANS u can email me at the email below

i dont watch tv that much but when i do watch this show it is weird but it is funny lol

some music i liek to listen to is metalica acdc pantera

also im from the hood and im gangster this is my house (PLZ DONT COME TO MY HOUSE.MY GRANDMA WILL GET MAD AT ME !!!)

im from the hood im also a rapper and i shoot peopl that are mean to me becuse im a gangster hood rapper dont email me mean things or i shoot you !!!!

waka flocka falme: i go hard in the MF paint (n word.. he says the n word cuz he is black but i cant cuz im white. IM NOT RACIST so i wont say it on my website)